Primus Eta Power Stove

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Simple, effective, and fuel-efficient

The Eta Power EF was easy to use, the new upgraded Eta Power is even easier. This new version boasts the same high efficiency rate and excellent windshield as the original Eta Power. In addition to this, the stove comes with an insulated storage bag which can be used around the pot when your meal has been cooked and needs to be kept warm. The stove also comes with a 1.8-litre Eta pot with a heat exchanger, a graded BPA-free plastic bowl, a lid with grip-friendly silicone and an integrated colander. Two 100 g gas cartridges can also be packed in the storage bag for easy transport.

Gas is not included.



Height: 100 mm

Diameter: 210 mm

Burn time: 119 min on 230 g

Season: 3 Seasons

Effect (W): 2000

Boiling time: 3.30 min (1 litre)

People: 1-4

Ignition: Piezo

Weight: 804 g